The Mouth & Foot

The Mouth and Foot have released the following albums:

Between the Sea and Swamps (3rd Ear, 1989)
The Mouth and Foot in Space (Kasbah, 1995)
Jerusalem (Levantini, 2001)
Kaligaro (8th Note, 2007)
Under (Uganda/Dam-Dam, 2013)

The next Mouth and Foot album will be released in 2019.

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Audio •

All the albums are available on Bandcamp. The first four albums are available on free streaming and for cheap downloads. The new album, Under, is currently not available for streaming but is on sale for download and as a physical product (vinyl record, and CD)

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Code •

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Videos •

Schluck Beton (Under, 2013)


I’m Depressed (Kaligaro, 2007)


Completion Song (Mouth and Foot in Space, 1995)


Canada (Mouth and Foot in Space, 1995)


Gun in Hand (Mouth and Foot in Space, 1995)


In the Jungle of Bangkok (Between the Sea and Swamps, 1989)