Reviews of The Hilltop in the Israeli press

Some translated excerpts from reviews of The Hilltop in the Israeli press (for a wider list, please see The Hilltop page in this website):

“An intense, funny and violent novel… a wonderful book… Gavron’s Magnum Opus, written with the pretension and dare of The Great Israeli Novel.” Yehuda Nuriel, Yediot Achronot.

“Gavron loves his characters. The settlers in The Hilltop are not ideological scarecrows, even when ideology has an important role in their lives. The Hilltop is not an anthropological book about the settlers. It is a story about a hill on which people live. A small hill in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of everywhere. It is a universal story, and also a very private story.” Motti Fogel, Achbar Ha’ir Magazine

“A groundbreaking attempt to move the focus to the settlement as the setting of the Israeli Story.” Yoni Livne, Yediot Achronot

“I’m always happy to read a new book by Assaf Gavron. from this generation he is really one of those who have the language and the ability to sweep you into a story with the speed of a crocodile collecting his prey down into the water. He simply plucks you into it and you are there. He achieves an almost impossible deed and manages to write about the settlers reality objectively, meaning, he is telling a story first. Wonderful.” Jacky Levi, GLZ Radio

“A dazzling novel… A clinically accurate and stunningly powerful description of the state of affairs in the twenty first century Israel. The Hilltop manages to connect emotionally to the situation and at the dame time to laugh at it from the outside.” Ran Bin-Nun, Yediot Achronot

“The Hilltop avoids didacticism and turns reality into a game between images, a game whose rules are so complex and vague that it is-and will remain-impossible to identify who the victor is.” Omri Herzog, Haaretz

“The Hilltop is a novel about human weaknesses, about the exhausting places that drive all of us and about the moment of clarity that sometimes awaken us, but paralize us in other moments. Assaf Gavron did not write a novel about the fact that we are all human beings, he simply wrote a novel about human beings.” Anat Gafni, Mako

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